Don’t Fall

Waves for Hope is a surf therapy program for at-risk youths in the rural communities of Trinidad. A safe space, caring mentors, the fun activity of surfing and evidence-based exercises to build healthy relationships and develop skills to cope with stress. All streaming revenues for the song Don’t Fall go to Waves for Hope.

Don’t Fall by Comma Echo (music video)

Between Worlds

Our journey with Chris Dennis began in 2010. He was intent on representing his country as a professional surfer and we created a short documentary to assist his campaign. It was an honour to share in the pursuit of his dreams and we are happy to remain relevant to his cause.

Since participating in the world qualifying series and sharing his story, Chris has gone on to present a Google Talk on the healing powers of the ocean, trained as a Surf Therapy Coach with the Wave Alliance and won the Global Sports Development 2019 Athletes in Excellence Award

Want to contribute more? Watch the docuentary on demand below or donate any amount you like directly here.

Chris Dennis – Between Worlds (documentary)


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